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About the ISETC Event

The International Solar Energy Technology Conference (ISETC) is the premier conference promoting innovative technologies related to the efficient creation, distribution, and usage of energy from solar rays.

List of the target topics to be explored in this conference includes:

  • Advanced Photovoltaics
  • Photovoltaic cells technologies such as:
    • Single Crystal
    • Poly
    • Amorphous
    • Thin Films
    • Paint-On Solar Cells
    • Multilayer, Hetrojunction, ...
  • Solar Concentrating Systems
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Nanotech enabled Solar Energy Systems
  • Reflectors
  • Solar Energy Storage Systems
  • Inverters/power electronics
  • Smart Grid

Prospective sponsors, and exhibitors, and speakers are invited to send proposals and inquiries to


Prospective speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors are invited to send proposals and inquiries to